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Kona Tournaments Costs

What Kona Tournaments Cost 

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Want to know about Kona tournaments, we can help you!!

if you are seasoned globetrotting or a novice big game fishing angler the “Hawaiian Open” or the “Kona Shootout” marlin tournament has a boat for you, and we are happy to help arrange a charter that will fit your fishing skill or competitive level. Kona is known worldwide as one the top Blue Marlin and pelagic game fish destinations in the world, and with such a notable designation they have grown to having some of the finest charter boats available with world class captains and crews operating them for you.

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Spencer for the finest custom yachts

In the world of sportfishing destinations Kona is well prepared for big game tournament fishing with a fleet of charter boats offering the finest custom sportfishers in the world to smaller fully functional sportfishers. The charter rates in Kona are also some of the most affordable in the world today, with full day charters for smaller sportfishers that will fish 3 or 4 people for $800.00 per day or less to custom top of the line sportfishers such as Spencer’s, Rybovich, Merritt, Gamefisher, Buddy Davis, G&S etc. that can be chartered for a range of $1000.00 to $1500.00 per day +tip for 6 people. There are boats available for all budgets, with highly professional crews regardless of the charter boats cost.

There are also many misconceptions about having to be an experienced angler to catch Blue marlin and Yellowfin tuna, much less the intimidating feeling of fishing in a big name tournament with seasoned anglers. Kona has some the most desired captain’s and crews for tournaments being held worldwide, many captain’s and crews from Kona travel to help anglers fish the tournaments worldwide and by this exposure to so many different cultures and people they have become very adept at teaching or instructing new and experienced anglers with the fine art of big game fishing, so if you want to learn anything about big game fishing Kona is the place to come to for the lesson and excitement.

To compete in a tournament can be very reasonable way to experience marlin and big game fishing by putting a team together and splitting the costs of three full days of fishing and entry fee, which you might actually win back!!

Here is a breakdown of how the costs can translate per person:

Charter boat 3 days     $1000.00 per day —$3000.00 + tip  (average charter rate)
Tournament entry fee   $3000.00                  $3000.00
Total cost for basic entry and charter boat   $6000.00

   Breakdown for three days of fishing costs ,including tournament entry fee

2-team members- $3000.00 per person  3-team members- $2000.00 per person

4-team members- $1500.00 per person   5-team members   $1200.00 per person

6- Team members   $1000.00 per person

When you look at these numbers you can see that you can fish for three days in a tournament that you might win big money in, for less than you could fish for three days not entering a tournament alone!! The above costs do not include any optional entry costs for the tournament, but they are not mandatory to enter.

During big game tournaments the crew will also often get a percentage of the winnings as an added incentive to work very hard for you to win, this being a sport of skill the crews percentage are very important incentive for them and they will be making sure you are well trained for each scenario that may unfold in your time to catch the big one!!. The percentage amounts of the winnings to crew are variable and should be negotiated before the tournament begins or when you book your charter so there is very clear understanding on both sides of what is expected in event of winning big, just keep in mind you only pay them their percentage if you win- so it will be a win-win for everyone involved!!

Please contact us if you would like to be put in touch with others looking for a team to fish with.