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General Entry Information

General Entry Information-Kona Tournaments

Early Entry Bonus Specials

Each Kona tournament in the Hawaiian Billfish Series LLC will have an early entry participant raffle.  To be eligible your paid entry must be received and acknowledged by the tournament staff 60 days prior to each tournament start date, the early entry raffle will be offered every year with the same cutoff time frame for every tournament.The raffle drawing will be held at the closing night ceremonies, with the winner announced live.

Early entry tournament participants will also be automatically entered into the grand prize raffle which will be held at the last event of every year (participants need not be present to win). The winner of the grand prize raffle will be provided one free tournament entry into the following year’s events. The free entry must equal the value of the previous year’s tournament entry, or the value can be applied to higher entry fee event, with the additional fee paid in. (not transferable and winner must be present to redeem the following year)

So enter early to get both benefits.


Hawaiian Open- June 22nd to June 25th, 2017

April 22nd, 2017- Deadline for entry into early bird prizes

May 22nd, 2017- Last day to withdraw and receive full refund

June 15th 2017-   Last day to for check payment to be received

June 20th, 2017- Last day for wire transfers to be deposited and confirmed

June 22nd, 2017- Last day to enter tournament by 8pm at Fish Hopper restaurant- Kona


Kona Shootout- August 3rd to 6th, 2017

June 3rd , 2017- Deadline for entry into early bird prizes

July 3rd ,2017- Last day to withdraw and receive full refund

July 28th, 2017-  Last day to for check payment to be received

August 1st, 2017- Last day for wire transfers to be deposited and confirmed

Aug 3rd, 2017- Last day to enter tournament by 8pm at Fish Hopper restaurant- Kona

Entry Procedures

  1. Complete and submit entry form. Tournament staff will email the team contact and Captain to provide a confirmation and a receipt if  payment was also included with the entry form, we will also provide a Tournament official entry number in the confirmation.
  2. Make payment. Reference the name of the team representative name and Boat/Capt. and entry number on check or wire transfer information if possible. Payment does not have to be included in entry form information, but to be eligible for early entry prizes the payment must be provide before deadline.
  3. Any team can enter the optional entries at anytime up to or at opening ceremonies on August 3rd, 2017,  any noted daily optional entry on entry form is also open to enter the night before of every fishing day. Tournament management must have payment by 7 pm the previous night.
  4. Confirmation will be sent by email for payments received prior to opening night, if entry or optional entries are completed on opening ceremonies then the receipt will be issued at that time. Any eligible early entry raffle qualifications will have the raffle tickets in your team packet which will be provided at registration on opening night.
  5. For traveling boats please let us know if you may need reservations in the harbor and we can assist (the tournament is not involved in harbor arrangements).
  6. Please attend registration event where you will check in to verify team information, make any changes to team information , enter additional entry options if desired, make any payments if necessary, and pick up your team bags and attend captains meeting.
  7. Teams may also complete last minute entries at the opening ceremonies, please keep in mind team bags may not have everything in the correct sizes or be available. Last minutes entries will receive team bag as soon as possible and this could be even after the tournament is complete if required sized items are out of stock.
  8. This base entry fee covers the participation of one to six registered anglers and allows your team to enter any of the optional  tournament jackpot categories. The tournament provides a welcome team captain’s bag with tournament angler T-shirt, raffle/door prize entry’s and attendance at all planned entertainment and social activities for up to six participants. Guests of anglers are welcome but are required to purchase $100 participation tickets for entry to all planned entertainment and social functions. Awards dinner only tickets can be purchased for $50. The tournament committee reserves the right to deny tournament/and or event entry of any individual, organization or corporation.

Anglers, Captains and Deckhands

The Hawaiian Billfish Series LLC will have no limit to members of the team, we do want to recognize the legal passenger carrying limits of the charter boats in the State of Hawaii , the majority only allow a maximum of six guests/anglers onboard. For an angler to be a valid entry candidate in any Hawaiian Billfish Series event they must be listed on the entry form, non registered guests/anglers will disqualify any and all catches involved in any Hawaiian Billfish series event. Anybody listed on the entry form including the Captain and mates will be valid recognized anglers, all applicable Hawaiian Billfish Series angler regulations are adhered to in all intents and forms.

Prize Disbursement Policies

Complimentary raffle tickets-Winnings

All free raffle winnings will be disbursed to the winning team/or participant in most cases by the conclusion of the tournament events. In some cases the prize will be sent direct from the donating company to the winner after the event, typically this will be completed within 30 days of the conclusion of the event.


All trophies will be provided to the winning team on stage during the event conclusion at the awards ceremonies, the team will be issued one trophy. The tournament management will only provide the trophy to the team representative and will not be involved or held liable for which team member receives the trophy. First, second and third place trophies will be the property of the team representative and tournament management will not issue all team members trophies, additional trophies maybe purchased by sending the request to

Cash Disbursement policies

Cash winners will be paid after verification of catch and tournament is complete, usually within 72 hours of tournament conclusion on weekday tournaments and 96 hours of tournament conclusion on weekend/holiday tournaments. Team representative is responsible for all cash winning disbursements, team representative must provide in writing specifying how the winnings will be disbursed to team members and crew. Payments maybe mailed if needed due to time restraints

Before any team members cash winnings are disbursed each team member and crew must complete a disbursement form for providing all legally required tax information and signing a release of liability form. All decisions on disbursements of winnings is the teams responsibility and any/all decisions are final once forms are returned to tournament management, Hawaiian Billfish Series LLC is not liable or responsible for any decisions or mistakes on teams forms provided..

Permits and Fishing licenses

It is the responsibility of any registered boat captain/owner and anglers to comply with all federal and state fishing/boating regulations, including anglers fishing licenses, species limits, quantity limits and all other regulations that maybe pertinent to fishing and vessel operations. If chartering in Kona, Hawaii the boat will ensure local and state regulations are met


All vessels will be required to have operating VHF radios.

Back up VHF channels and Telephone numbers that can be used to contact tournament controls will be provided in team packets.

Disputes and complaints

There will be a $500 non-refundable fee to file a dispute. Any protest, concerning the validity of any catch, must be filed in writing by Team Angler Representative #1 as designated on the entry forms, signed by the team captain only and hand delivered to the Rules Committee no later than 8:00 pm of the day of the catch or infraction. No protests will be accepted by Boat Captains or crews, they will be immediately dismissed as invalid. The decision of the Rules Committee is final. The governing rules committee will be announced at registration and is subject to change at the sole discretion of the Tournament CEO or Director. The Tournament Committee will resolve all disputes and their decision is final.  Disputes will be limited to a violation of tournament rules.

(The Hawaiian Billfish Series reserves the right to amend or changed as required within the legal limits of the State of Hawaii)