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Needs For Kona Tournament

What you need to know and bring for a big game tournament

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Yellowfin Tuna- Kona Style

Are you ready for Kona tournament fishing, come join us at the Kona Shootout for the adrenaline rush on Kona’s calm waters. When you travel to Kona for a big game fishing tournament you are in for some of the finest angling fun and entertainment in the world, you will have an opportunity to catch marlin, tuna, Ono (Wahoo) and Mahi Mahi (dolphin/dorado) fish all in one day. For this type of excitement you need to be prepared for anything, Kona offers a full range of light tackle to heavy tackle fishing for sportfishing enthusiasts.

When you fish in Kona the following will help enhance your experience:

 Be sure to bring sun inhibiting clothing, hats and shorts/pants, we highly recommend Mojo Sportswear for all your sportfishing clothing needs at

When you charter a sportfishing boat in Kona much of what you need is provided, but please bring any sunscreen, sun glasses, drinks, snacks and breakfast/lunch with you. When packing for your charter please think will this item break if dropped (glass beer bottle) or stain the interior or deck, if so the crew would very much appreciate it if those items be left ashore. The charter boat will provide all tackle/fishing licenses/etc but if there is something in particular you like to fish with or need to have to win the tournament- please bring it.

Kona tournament

Catch the big fish in Kona

Please always consult with your charter boat captain to ensure all your needs are met before you leave to go fishing.