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Kona Tournament Teams

Kona Tournament teams and what to bring

Please feel free to download this page in a PDF and print if needed here: Tournament Teams/What To Bring

If you’re not sure how to participate or how to put a fishing team together, many Kona tournament fishing teams consist of family members, friends, business associates, corporate team building events etc., so don’t feel like if you are not all pros you cannot come. A typical team can range from 2 people to 6 people and will often include lady anglers and children, at the “Hawaiian Open” or the “Kona Shootout” we encourage everyone to get involved. For teams the actual fishing times you have onboard can be worked out in variety of ways to offer each angler a fair time on the rod as the dedicated angler, you are welcome to come up with any system that works for you.Kona fishing

One of the most common ways to rotate a team is the hit rule.  First there is a rotation schedule that is adopted on each boat for each angler; we often use a two hour rule with four anglers that equal the amount of time that you are out fishing most of the time. When an angler is up for his/or her turn if a fish hits and line is pulled out of the outrigger clip or a reel has line going out that is a hit. If the angler is hooked the dedicated angler fights the fish, if the angler does not get a solid hook up and the fish is gone a few seconds later that was the anglers turn. And the next angler is up for the two hours, this systems works well because often the fish come up to eat at certain times like tide changes and this system will often allow all anglers onboard to get a shot at fighting a fish. We have seen this system allow the angler to be up again for another turn to fight a fish in as little as 30 minutes if the fish are biting!!   How you offer a chance to every team member is your decision though, we just want everyone to have fun!! Many of the professional crews in Kona are also happy to assist the teams in setting up rotations; you can do just what you and your teams are comfortable doing, just have fun.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that the crew has a clear understanding of who the dedicated angler is that is up, if  a fish strikes it all happens very fast and there is not time to decide who’s turn it is. Always listen to the crews instruction as even the smallest detail is important to WIN a big name tournament, don’t be intimidated just listen to their instructions and have FUN!!

When you charter a boat in Kona we suggest you bring your own breakfast/lunch/snacks and drinks, the following is provided to give you a general guideline of what would typically be brought aboard by the fishing team for their food and drinks. It is also considered polite to bring enough extra to allow the crew to eat and drink also; although often the crew will provide their personal food and drinks.

Example only of what to bring daily for food/drink needs of the anglers onboard.

1st day tournament- Hawaiian Open or the Kona Shootout

7 am/ 8am  to 4pm/5pm-  Full day fishing
Mid-Morning snack- pastries/fruit
Lunch- sandwiches-turkey/chicken
Mid afternoon snack-crackers/chips dip/fruit/cheese
Orange juice and coffee
Water, ice tea, juice, 7 up, beer
Back at dock approx. 5pm to 6pm

2nd day tournament- Hawaiian Open or the Kona Shootout

7am/8am to 4pm/5pm   Full day fishing
Snack- Breakfast rolls and fruit
Store bought sandwiches, cracker/cheese/fruit bars/cookies
Orange juice and coffee
Ice tea, 7 up, ginger ale, beer, water
Back at dock approx. 5pm to 6pm

3rd day tournament- Hawaiian Open or the Kona Shootout

7 AM to 3pm   Full day fishing
Snack- Breakfast rolls and fruit
Sandwiches, chips and dip/fruit bars/Cookies
Orange juice and coffee
Ice tea, 7 up, ginger ale, beer, water
Back at dock approx. 5pm


The Hawaiian Billfish Series personal are also happy to assist you with any catering needs you may prefer for your tournament, please let us know how we may help?